Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions……….

How much equity do I need?

We can loan up to 50% or ½ of the value of your property. For example if your property is worth $100,000 and you owe $25,000 we can loan you an additional $25,000 or a total of 50% of the value. Unfortunately we don't do second mortgages, so we would pay off your existing mortgage and give you a new one.

How do I know what the value of my property is?

We use the market value as indicated by your local county Tax Assessor. This is a quick and free way of obtaining a value for your property without resorting to a costly and time-consuming appraisal. If you feel that your value is higher than the county Tax Assessor, an appraisal can be arranged, although this is a cost that you would be responsible for

What types of property do you loan on?

Houses. Mobile homes with land. Rental properties. Lots. Farms, Acreage. Timberland. Commercial property. Industrial property. Loans on contracts. Loans on partial interests.

What if my credit is a mess?

Your credit is not that important to us. We know there are a lot of good reasons why peoples credit is damaged, many of them are beyond their control.

You're in Roseburg. Do I have to come down there?

No, your loan papers are sent to the Title Company closest to you. When the papers arrive the local title company will call you to make an appointment. Many times it's a Title Company that you're already familiar with.

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